Hair Transplantation Fue Technique

Hair transplantation with FUE technique is a procedure applied by local anesthesia and sedation method.
In FUE technique; Donor area of ​​the hair between the two ear donor area is removed from the chest, beard, and genital area taken from the 0.7 and 0.8 mm diameter with the cylindrical micro inserts are removed one by one. The removal of hair follicles is carried out by a device called a manual punch or a micro motor.
The natural results obtained by FUE technology are obtained by using sapphire fue hair transplantation method with sapphire tip special crystal channel opener.
For hair transplantation with sapphire tip, more frequent sowing can be done and this provides a great advantage for patients who want high density.
Hair follicles with FUE technique; the number of hairs can be reached, as it is not only from the area between the two ears, but also from the area on the ear. Approximately 5000 to 18750 hair strands can be obtained in one session.
Since there is no cut or suture in the donor area where the hair will be removed, healing is achieved faster in this region. People who have hair transplantation can actively return to their social life within 10 days.
Since this technique is not used when sewing, sewing and sewing is not required. Patients can feel comfortable about themselves.

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