Hair Transplantation Laser Aided Technique

Laser treatment applied in hair transplantation provides a much healthier hair growth. It also plays an important role in increasing hair growth and retention.

How is Laser Hair Transplantation Applied?
Laser treatment is applied to the scalp with a laser device, which is specially produced for hair about a week before the operation of hair transplantation. This application will increase blood circulation in the scalp and prepare the scalp for hair transplantation. However, if the laser application is applied again at certain intervals 1 month after the hair transplantation, it increases the permanence of the planted hair and makes it grow faster. Laser sessions can be performed twice a week. One session lasts 20 minutes on average.

What are the advantages of laser hair transplantation?
Laser hair transplantation increases the success rate of the hair follicles. It strengthens hair follicles as well as helps hair to grow and thicken faster.

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