What is Mustache Transplantation? How To?

In the case of hair loss or hair loss in the upper lip in men, the definitive treatment is a mustache cultivation. Mustache cultivation, hair follicles in the upper lip, which does not grow mustache hair follicles. Hair follicles to be planted instead of mustache are taken from the nape as in the treatment of baldness. For this, individual hair follicles are taken with 0.6mm punches by fue method. Then, individual hair follicles are planted in the areas with whisker deficiency.

The hair follicles planted also retain their predisposed properties in the mustache area and the hairs continue to grow. Therefore, shortening of the elongated hair bristles at appropriate intervals can be done during the mustache. Hair follicles cannot be fed if they are planted too close together. Therefore, the sowing frequency should be enough to feed them. After the hair follicles are fed and the hair starts to grow hair (4-6 months later), if there is sparse mustache area, hair transplantation can be done again.

In the region of the mustache, scarring, surgical scarring, burn marks, shedding can be almost completely camouflaged with mustache cultivation. Only FUE method should be applied for mustache sowing because the results in FUT method are not satisfactory. The hair follicles taken with 0.6-0.7 mm punches should be sutured at the same time with the help of the instruments without cutting the skin.

If the tips used are fine, there is no indication that there is any trace and sowing in both the intake and the plantation. The limits and frequency of sowing will be determined by the individual. Generally, when 1000 roots are planted in one without a mustache, the view of the corner goes, but the more frequent the mustache the higher the number. When done with a mustache cultivation FUE, though rarely, the barber who has not seen it before is shaved as close to the nature as it can not perceive sowing.

With the FUE, the desired location from the desired location of the hair root is taken from the desired frequency and should be in the region of the desired angle is sown in the natural angle.

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